Large Capacitive Touch Panels iVTP

 the fast response and gesture-based multi-touch panel technology

The ITO have been widely used for small size touch panels, such as smartphone, Pad and Tablets. However, its high resistance of ITO glass is hardly to be used for large format  touch panels.
GOOD NEWS With the proprietary cutting-edge technologies, iVtouch offers the large format projected capacitive touch(PCT) panels iVTP from 21.5" to 55" with stunning touch performances. 

Super Tough. Incredibly Reliable. The  large format projected capacitive touch panels iVTP are very matched to large touch screens of AIO in applications of gesture-based requirement such as  touch table, enterprise IT that need the high touch sensitivity, touch accuracy and reliability. 
iVtouch offers a selection of commercial touch panels and screens ranging in size, price, functionality and features. Each of our large format touch screens with  high sensitivity is designed for demanding performance requirements. The iVTP  has the excellent industrial and commercial grade in its touch performances, appearance quality and free of bezel or frame-free. 
Please to refer to:Video demo for gesture touch performances with NEW ultra-touch AIO VisionBoard

The  capacitive multi touch panels iVTP have been applied by well-known brand companies for their AIO, Tablet, Smart table, Kiosk in USA, EU -Germany and china. The Acer 23 "-27" touch monitors with 10 point capacitive touch screens.  The Philips15.6-inch tablets. 
The multi-point projected capacitive touch device using the flexible, low sheet resistance touch sensors  has the better touch performances than any others before!
Download: Specifications of iVTP touch panels    Please refer to  Why  the iVT panel is better for large format touch screen? 
How to introduce the projected capacitive panels 

iVtouch  provides its products to overseas, Europe, Asia and USA with the high reliability, flexible response, responsive support system, and wide range of solutions.  
Projected capacitive touch panels iVTP require tuning of IC driven circuits and board to match it's touch screen specifications such as panel size, multi-touch function, material/thickness of covering glass. If you wish to introduce this product, we strongly recommend you to communicate with us how you want to use the touch screen and what specifications you require. We will provide you with the touch screen, IC and controller board tuned for your needs.
Engineers at iVtouch have the capabilities to serve the customer's design and prototyping needs for new large size  multi-touch panels.
Five steps are needed for applying capacitive touch panels: 
 1. Conformation of touch screen specifications; 2. Prototype Production; 3. IC driven circuit tuning; 4. Prototype Evaluation; 5.  Mass Production 
Prototyping Period

Standard prototyping of touch panels 7" - 42" : 10days -20 days
Customized design after circuit confirmation 
7 inch -10.1 inch: 10 days ; 
11.2 inch - 15.6 inch: 15 days; 
19.5 inch - 27 inch: 21 days; 
32 inch, 42 inch: 30 days 
iVTP's PCT Multi-Touch Technology
15.6" -21.5", 23"-27", 32" , 42" or large screen size  
High touch sensitivity and uniformity in large area  
10 or more finger multi-touch input with palm rejection capability enables engaging single and multiple user interactions, Input Type: Finger, thin glove  
High writing resolution and quick touch response: Fast 10 millisecond for 10 touches creates a natural, intuitive and responsive interface 
Flexible touch panel support 
Anti-stiction surface enhances the user experience for simple and advanced gestures  
High precision touch capability for painting, typing and playing 
Windows 8 or, Android OS compatible 
Customized slim border design  
Low power consumption and low IC driven currents 
Environment-friendly and temperature adaptive

Performances of iVTP
Based on the proprietary micro-nano manufacturing technologies and production line of nano-silver and micro-mesh films, the high performance TCFs for large format touch panels have been achieved.
Low sheet resistance: 10ohm/square  — Get better noise immunity and lower power consumption via very low sheet resistance.    
Easily application — Finished film sensors can be directly adhesive to glass  for GFF solutions that let the panels thinner!
Flexibility — Create unique touch-based products with excellent optical clarity with flexible  touch sensors, which can wrap around curved surfaces. 
The better transmittance >88%: The line-width of 2um of  integrated circuits on pTCF is  the finest metal mesh for getting the better transmittance of  touch sensor.  
Environmental friendly — the yellow light and etching procedures are not necessary to the pTCF(patterned transparent conductive film) by the unique roll-to-roll process for finished sensors, and without any pollution to environment in the process.
The integrated TCF may be one of choices to replace Flexible Printed Circuits(FPC) 
Larger touch panel support — Create touch-enabled products of different forms.
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Technical documentation download

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