Researcher of center at SVG Optronics is rapidly growing with a dedicated team of the micro-nano manufacturing industry's finest professionals and has been supported by national hi-tech research and development program(863) of china, special projects for flat plate displays(FPD's) of National Development and Reform Commission, science and technology innovation team plan of Jiangsu Province, special project of Provincial Science & Technology Department, Provincial talent scheme and Suzhou Science and Technology Project.

    Nano-structure color. In nature, the colors are formed in nano-structure such as the butterfly wings and leaf. This project's purpose is to investgate the approaches for INK-FREE color printing technologies.The project will investigate how to apply the nano-patterning and nano-coating and imprinting technologies together to realize the structure color like as butterfly wings and push the nano-technology into application in the industries.

    New advances in light extraction efficiency and roll-to-roll manufacturing capabilities, coupled with micro-lens array and optical modeling techniques, are using the increased efficiency of today’s LEDs to create edge-lit light guide unites from small(7” diagonal) to large (50” diagonal)sized. They are growing steadily thinner and require fewer LEDs to suit a wide range of applications, from display backlighting to general illumination. This project's purpose is to achieve the large size with thinner light guide plate. The LED flat lighting thickness are range from 0.5mm to 1mm of light guide plates with micro-structures, multi-ultra-thin light guide films for adjustable color temperature and efficiency by using the nano-imprinting and modeling technology, equipment, and precision die machining, optimization.

    LED directional diffusion film. Nowdays, the display used the difusion film with all directional spread, the center brightness is not high. This project's purpose is to design and fabrication a horizonal spread diffusion film and squeeze the vertical diffusion view of angles to more narrow window than that in horizontal diffusion so that the more light can be seen in view windows. One possible approach is to design the micro-ellipse-shape-lens to replace the micro-ball in the diffusion film.

    The micro-nanotechnologies are adaped widely in the all fieds today. The smaller structure in the very large substrate should be made in easily way and cost-effectively. Therefore, the fast patterning technique is extremely important to push the nano-technology ahead for applications. Here, a five-parameter laser patterning system for micro-nano resolution patterns (National Science Funding) is investigated for the very large size componets and devices. There are key-technologies, such as the micro-patterns for honeycomb cell, cross, gratings and prisms, 3D navigation for the FLYING exposure mode on flat or curve substrates, Giant data processing and upload technologies for large format patterns and 3D images.

    UV nano-imprinting double-side technology with roll-to-roll mode is very useful for the funcional micro-nano structure films and devices, This project is to explore the micro-nano imprinting systems for compound microlens array and nano-dot array, from 50nm to 250um, depth from 50nm to 50um. The alignment technique on flexible substrates with roll-to-roll mode is investigated. The future applications are 50nm nano-dot on the suface of 50um mirolens with the focal length for anti-refelction and nano-wire-grid for polarizer with double size structures.

    3D display and imaging with micro-lenticular lens and microlens array films.With the devolopment of micro-nanotechology, 3D lithographic method(Jiangsu Achievement Application Projects) for digital 3D spatial imaging and printing systems based on SLM and PLM technolgoies are investigated. This project is to pattern directly the micro-nano-structures for form 3D iamge on the resist plate and the model for nano-imprinting.

    Large size transparent conductive film with multi-layer conductive materials for touch sceen, solar-cell and OLED devices have been made in the mass production scale. The 25" or more multi-touch transparent conducting sensors film (non-ITO) with sub-micron lines of meshes are investigated for precision circuits from the design, conductive materials, nano-assembly process and nano-patterning technologies.

    Large Scale Diffactive Grating:100mmx100mm - 400mmx400mm,diffraction efficiency 95%,energy damage threshold 3.0J/CM2. and Beam Splitter Gratings: 200mmx400mm with digital interference lithography.

    Contact Dr. Pu Donglin

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    email: [email protected]

    SVG Optronics,Co., Ltd.

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