The micro-nano manufacturing is an  important field for developing the novel functional devices and systems. The researchers in the engineering center at SVG has been engaged in merging optics & nanotechnology for the innovation and application, and earned great reputation and sciencs and technolgy awards in china and abroad due to the contributions to the progresses in the micro-nano engineering. There are lots of R&D activities in the center for novel approaches of  large format fast nano-patterning, roll-to-roll nanoimprinting, nano-transferring technologies and related systems. The application fields are focused on the novel flat display & 3D imaging, nano-printing and optical security industries, the products are the functional optical films for 3Ddisplay, slim light guiding of LED's BLU, large size transparent conductive films, touch sensors and high-level security optical and holographic products.

The research center at SVG Optronics, therefore, was recognized as National United Engineering Research Center for Micro-Mano Flexible Manufacturing(CMNFM)  by the National Development & Reform Committee of China on Nove.18, 2011 due to the innovation capability and contributions to the micro-nano industrial applications.  CNMFM's goal is merge optics & nanotechnologies to promote technologies for energy-saving, environment protection, 3D display, ultra-thin  and high efficiency of opto-electro devices.

A new building with 6000 square meter has been built for CMNFM at SVG Optronics in the SUZHOU INDUSTRIAL PARK,where cooperated with Singapore government.
The researchers of the CMNFM  have been pursued the cutting edge technologies in the micro/nano flexible manufacturing and commercialization for flate display, 3D imaging, holographic products. Here, the "FLEXIBLE" means that the technologies can be modular, knowledge-intensive, scalable and quickly configured for either small or large quantity R&D and applications.
Four research divisions of center are as follows,
1. Nano-surface engineering division:  for ink-free nano-printing, optical security solutions, micro-lens array for 3D imaging and display, etc.
2. Micro/nano fabrication equipment division: for large format systems of nano-manufacturing with high efficiency & cost-effective, approaches and systems, etc. for novel 3D imaging techniques.
3. Flexible manufacturing division:  for advanced roll-to-roll nano-imprinting technologies, UV nano-imprinting on two-side of films, the holographic transferring films, etc.
4. Novel devices & films for display & lighting division: for high performance transparent conductive film(TCF) , ultra-thin light guide film(LGF) for touch panel, 3D cylindric lens and microlens films for display, etc.

There are lots of unique mico-nano manufacturing systems in the center. The large format hybrid micro/nano patterning system can support as large as 65" nano-photonic crystal preparation. The maskless lithography system can writing 25" or more precision masks with 1 micron resolution as fast as less than 10 hours. The UV roll-to-roll nano-imprinting systems has been designed for holographic packaging materials,  flexible devices and films for display and touch panel.

The center's patented roll-to-roll large format manufacturing processes result in micro-optical components that are reflow compatible, low-cost and ideally suited for both high-volume and specialized applications. The center's  large format micro-nano fabrication platform enables the integration of the optics with nano-technologies and the other processing.


The customized micro/nano-optics section (CMN) in the center is the pioneering world-leader in replication of large format-level micro-optics films and devices.  The excellence in the design and production of micro-optics structures on films and substrates enables SVG to produce extremely compact solutions with unmatched performance for 3D LCD, LED lighting, OLED outcoupling, optical security and bio-chip applications.

SVG Optronics employs dedicated people with knowledge in the area of micro-optics, precision mechanics, laser technology, high speed digital and analog electronics, software in various levels, image processing and recognition, and many more. After more than 10 years, the reserchers at SVG Optronics has strong experiences in the related micro-nano manufacturing, display, LED lighting, micro-optical films and 3D imaging fields.

The team in SVG Optronics, is named as one of twentieth "Province Science and Technolgy Innovation Team", Jiangsu in 2006 and has earned the awards, honors nationally and regionally.

The senior reaserch scientists in SVG Optronics come from domestic and abroad, such as University of Warwick, UK, Carnegie Mellon University, USA, Qinghua University, Zhejiang University, National Science Academy and Soochow University.

The team is focusing the R&D and industrial applications for display, imaging, touch panel films, UV laser lithography equipment, photonics & diffraction optical devices by using the micro-nano-manufacturing technologies.


1. National Science and Technology Progress Award(2nd grad) by the Central Government of china, 2011, 2002.
2. Jiangsu Science and Technology Progress Awards(1st grad), By the State Government, 2002, 2007, 2011
3. University's Science and technology awards, by the Education Ministry, China, 2008
4. National 2nd Innovation and Enterprise Award, by the Chinese Invention Association, 2006
5. Chinese Patent Award, by SIO & WIPO, 2001, 2012
6. 1st Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Innovation Award, 2011, by the Jiangsu Government
7. Top10 Innovation Enterprise of SIP, Suzhou, 2006

The center at SVG Optronics maintains a big R&D team to continuously innovate and implement the latest technologies in the micro-nano-manufacturing. The majority of the staff has advanced degrees and many years of experiences in fields of optics, precision mechanics, laser technology, nano-technology, electronics, image processing, software and materials.


Throughout the years, many innovate solutions have been produced by the R&D team. The innovation achievements have been earned great reputation by the team. For example, the National S&T Award,  State S&T Awards 1st grad, Chinese Patent Award for Excellence by SIPO & WIPO have been won by the scientists and researchers in the center.  SIP (Suzhou Industrial Park) Postdoctoral Station of SVG Optronics has been set-up in the center.

Contact Dr. Pu Donglin

Tel: +86-512-62589157
Fax: +86-512-62520928
email: [email protected]

SVG Optronics,Co., Ltd.

478 Zhongnan Street, Suzhou Industrial Park(SIP)
Suzhou 215026, P.R. China


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